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Asparagus- Jersey Knight plant (root)

Item # Asparagus- Jersey Knight
Asparagus- Jersey Knight plant (root)

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In commercial fields it has proven to be one of the highest yielders. 
(May include a small porcentage of female plants)

Why choose an all male asparagus!
The Mary Washington variety and other older varieties have both male and female plants. Yes, there are male and female asparagus plants! When looking at a field the male plants are larger and the female plants have the spherical seed pods. All male hybrid asparagus such as the "Jersey" series are all males. The male plants will produce a bigger spear and since there are no seeds you will not have the seedling plants growing in the fields which can quickly become weeds. We keep Mary Washington in the catalog because it is an old tried and true variety. However, for the biggest and best quality asparagus, grow the new selection best fitted for your local soils.

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